2017. február 15., szerda

Different approaches

It was a very interesting Skype conversation, last Sunday. I really like to hear about how someone has become a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. I was also thinking about how the private life, environment and political situation can influence the professional career and makes every journey unique.  
It is similar to creating choreography with a certain music, everyone will create differently because of their different circumstances, abilities, influences etc. 

I am just wondering about the private aspect.

The personal aspects of life such as getting married and having children is closer to the natural way of life and humanity as opposed to our focus on career and being perfect. Everyone is looking for love and wants to be loved which is the reason for living, for human beings. 

How can the Human aspect reflect in the dance performance? 

One of the greatest Hungarian photographer’s Éva Keleti said that:

“The dance has three aspects: music, choreography and the dancer.”

She always looked for the movement with her camera, when the human effect is shining through the choreography and the music fills them with emotion and expertise. 

The dancer cannot hide the personal situations of life because we are firstly human. The emotions can appear in the dance performance consciously or unconsciously. This can give the deepest content to the dance performance. 
The dancer’s personality is included in every step and movements, their power and emotion combines with the music and choreography. This is the atmosphere that the audience can feel during the performance, but each performance is different because everything is changing and we are not the same as we were 5-10 years ago. I think this is the most interesting thing about how the personality can expand and is developing within the dance career. 

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